Meet the Host

Meet the Host

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Hello, my name is Austin Bitzas. I love yoga, nature, and getting outside & moving. I’m a yoga teacher but let me tell you how my yoga journey all begun.

I was a Collegiate Division 1 Cross Country & Track runner. I had the motivation, talent although my biggest obstacle was my durability...partially self induced due to often over doing it.

Senior year I was experiencing such chronic hip flexor pain running was no longer enjoyable nor was I able to hit the times I envisioned. I made the difficult decision to give up my scholar ship & throw in my shoes.

I was on a mission to to heal my broken body. I went to chiropractors, exercise physiologists, physical therapists & specialty doctors. They provided temporary relief but within days the pain would resume. I could not run nor surf, weight lift, swim or do the things I loved without intense pain. No MRIs or ultra sound was giving me the answer either. I was beginning to believe it was just something I had to deal with the rest of my life.

That was when my AMAZING mom introduced me to yoga through a News Years Groupon Deal at a local hot yoga studio. We started going 3 to 4 days a week. Within 2 months my hip flexor pain became intermittent & near the 3rd month of consistent practice my pain had completely subsided! I slowly was able to re-introduce running, surfing, swimming, weight lifting & the other activities I enjoyed. 

Over time, my physical practice became stronger. I meet my BEUATIFUL girlfriend, Devyn Davis, who happened to be my yoga teacher. She introduced me to the whole new side of yoga. I soon realized that yoga was so much more than just the physical practice that I loved and that had saved my body. 

I learned yoga was more physical expression of what is going on in our mind & that we must take our practices into the real world. With a strong & consistent practice Devyn convinced me to become a yoga teacher to share my story, unique asana style, & message of yoga with the world.

So here I am. I currently work as a digital marketer doing SEM, analytics, & a bunch of other creative technical things for a startup company now. I started & sold a supplement company called Primal B.C. out of college. I also sometimes freelance in which I help businesses, professionals, & entrepreneurs drive high intent leads that convert to sales.  My hobbies consist of dog training, surfing, running, and reading.

So just like you I'm a Secret Yogi. I utilize the tools of yoga & related practices off the my mat in business, relationships, & other aspects of my life to bring me into the present and make life beautiful. 


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Secret Yogi's Mission

Build a community of individuals who realize their actions are contagious & their thoughts control their actions. Therefore, they choose to utilize yoga & related disciplines to bring awareness, intention & mindfulness into their lives & the lives of those they encounter. In turn as a collective we make our seemingly ordinary world extraordinary!